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Defense that Never Rests

Science-Backed Immune System Support

The immune system has been an important topic for several years, and now is not the time for your patients to let their guard down. Immune system supplements from Standard Process® and MediHerb® deliver the daily, research-driven support that they need.

When you recommend these high-quality products, you’re helping your patients with support for a healthy immune system response to seasonal and environmental challenges.

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Epimune Complex

Epimune Complex is a vegan supplement designed to help the immune system stand up to challenges.*

  • Supports specific aspects of immune system activity and contains research-supported ingredients such as EpiCor®, maitake mushrooms, and turkey tail mushrooms
  • Supports healthy white blood cells
  • Helps support respiratory health year-round, especially during seasonal challenges
  • Helps activate and balance a healthy immune system response function*
  • Delivers an excellent source of vitamin C and zinc, both of which provide antioxidant and immune support*

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Immuplex® contains Protomorphogen™ and Cytosol™ extracts and blends essential micronutrients and minerals to support the immune system.*

  • Supports a healthy immune system response function
  • Helps maintain normal white blood cell activity already within a normal range
  • Supports the body’s normal inflammatory response function*
  • Provides ingredients with antioxidant activity
  • Excellent source of iron, zinc, copper, chromium, folate and vitamins A, B6, and B12 and antioxidant vitamins C and E
  • Good source of selenium

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MediHerb® Echinacea Premium

Echinacea Premium combines the roots of Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea to enhance healthy immune system function. Echinacea has been traditionally used in herbal preparations to:

  • Help enhance healthy immune system function
  • Support upper respiratory tract health
  • Help relieve temporary mild throat discomfort associated with hoarseness, dry throat and irritants*

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Help Keep Children Healthy
with SP Children's™ Immune

New from Standard Process. SP Children’s™ Immune is a chewable supplement for kids ages 4 and older that delivers key nutrients for proper immune system functioning and development,* including prebiotic 2’-FL and organic elderberry.

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